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    Skirting Boards Perth specialises in supplying, painting and installing skirting boards to all Perth residents. Our business prides itself on guaranteeing superior quality work at affordable prices. Skirting Boards Perth team consists of a professional and highly experience group of qualified individuals that cover all necessary areas of skirting board projects, which allows our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction with the finishing result. Our business’ professionalism, experience and determination makes us one of the best skirting services in Perth, and we are constantly willing to exceed our current level of expertise to fulfil our customer’s needs.


    We strive to provide a favourable and unforgettable experience with Skirting Boards Perth every time you choose us to replace your skirting boards or install new ones. With our extensive knowledge and experience in all our services, our skirting boards will transform your home. Skirting Boards Perth will ensure you happiness and respect, and exhibit courtesy, punctuality and absolute cleanliness throughout your projects.


    Skirting Boards Perth is here to listen to your wishes and help find the best solution for you and your home. Regardless of your location we will come to you, as we cover all regions from Two Rocks, over Mundaring, Perth, Joondalup, Fremantle, Rockingham, Mandurah, to Bunbury and surrounding areas.


    We have proudly established ourselves within our industry with most affordable prices guaranteed, fast and clean services, and remarkable decorative recommendations for all our customers. With countless years of experience, we have mastered our way of work and given our customers the opportunity to add a sense of class and style into their home.

    Skirting Boards Perth now offers Octopus Corner Protections for your skirting board that ensures your corner are protected and gives your skirting boards a richer and unique look. Not to mention, the corner protections gives you the opportunity to have double warranty on your skirting.


    Skirting Boards Perth provides painting services to all parts and surrounding areas of Perth to ensure every home gets the opportunity to have flawless and well-defined coat of paint that revives their selected skirting profile. Before any spray-painting, our high-experienced painter remove any pre-existing paint, scratches, stains or blemishes by thoroughly cleaning and sanding the MDF skirting board, which ensures a smooth and levelled finish.


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    Skirting Boards Perth
    Address: 10B Wandarrie Avenue, Yokine, WA 6060, Australia
    Phone: 0406 427 433
    Email: skirtingboardperth@gmail.com
    Website: https://www.skirtingboardsperth.com.au/


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